JA, your solution provider of clean air

– JA, wholesale air purifier

Everyone deserves a breath of fresh air.

JA believes in developing air purification & disinfection products for the future of clean air.

JA has been developing and producing air-enhancing products to bring clean air to every household for almost seven years.

We own and operate four factories in China. Our product lines include air cleaners, sanitising robots, disinfection machines, and air filtration systems. And our customers include some of the most established retailers worldwide and international brands for whom we carry out OEM and ODM orders.  

Our Mission is to bring perfect clean air solutions superior in performance, design, and quality while remaining reasonably priced.

As a company that specialises in air quality technology, we are passionate about providing practical clean air solutions that help create a safe and healthy environment.

It’s our job to protect children from airborne contaminants at school, protect patients and medical staff from infectious disease at clinics and hospitals, bring clean air to offices, and help families breathe healthier air.

With our air purification & disinfection solutions, we believe that technology can help bring better air and create a better world to live in. So the future of clean air is just around the corner.

Thanks to the powerful HEPA filters inside, our air purifiers help keep your air clean from dust, pollutants, VOCs, allergens, germs, and viruses. Our JA air cleaner lineup includes multi-filtration systems for optimal air quality.

JA disinfection machines and sterilisation robots are scientifically-tested and clinically proven to reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) by deploying two major disinfection methods: UV light and dry fog vaporisation.

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More than 6 years of industrial experience

JA has been an industry leader in air purification for more than six years. With our factories and R&D teams, we’re constantly finding better ways to purify your home with clean air.

We at JA,take pride in offering well-designed and scientifically tested air purifiers, HEPA filters, and disinfection machines to help improve indoor air quality and turn your home into a sanctuary.

Meet the families of JA air purifiers

Indoor air is what we wake up and fall asleep to. JA air cleaners guarantee that all harmful nano-particles, VOCs, allergens, bacteria, and viruses are filtered out. No matter the size of your room, we have the right purifier just for you.

Safety begins with disinfection

We offer clinically tested disinfection products to the highest international standards. Our sterilisers can help create safe environments by killing all known pathogens and biological pollutants.

Our product line is notable for its performance, reliability and for meeting the highest quality international standards. 

– JA, wholesale air cleaner

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Customer reviews

See how much people love our products.

Christina Lange

Stylish and functional! Having had the JA-1806 air purifier for a month or two, I’m happy to recommend it for its function and unique look, both a hallmark of JA’s products.

Steve Heitmann

We’ve invested heavily in optimizing our safety and sterilization processes, including additional hospital-grade air filtrations and disinfection machines from JA. As the pandemic continues globally, we’re striving daily to ensure a well-protected atmosphere for our patients and staff members.

Matthias Bredberg

The HEPA air filters from JA reduce the percentage of viruses, bacteria, particles, and allergies in the air by 99.995%. In times of the pandemic, I’d definitely recommend it for your premise.

A healthy home is a happy home. We deliver the best clean air solutions for your home and business by combining efficiency and modern design.

– JA, wholesale air purifier

air cleaner wholesale

Better air,

Better life.

We believe the key to a happy home is a healthy home. JA strives to bring clean air into your home or business.


Take a look at our comprehensive range of air filters from fine dust filters, prefilters, high efficiency air filters to activated carbon filters as well as photocatalytic filters.