JA portable disinfection machine ADM02

● > 3m spray distance

● Higher disinfection efficiency: 35ml/min

● Air & surface disinfection rate > 99.9%

● Touch screen control

● Real-time monitoring of the disinfectant

The disinfectant (7.5% hydrogen peroxide solution) is atomized and sprayed by a special nozzle under physical pressure, so as to form a submicron sterilization factor in dry fog state, which can freely diffuse into the air. 

The hydrogen peroxide in this state quickly acts on bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms in the environment, which can simultaneously realize good disinfection on the air and object surface. 

After disinfection, the disinfectant is decomposed into H2 and O2, without residues, secondary pollutants and hazardous substances.

Product Advantages

Higher disinfection efficiency

> 3m spray distance, higher disinfection efficiency: 35ml/min

High disinfection rate

Air & surface disinfection rate > 99.9%

Real-time control

Touch screen control, real-time monitoring of the weight of the disinfectant

Technical specifications

Dimension353*200*372 mm
Weight14 kg
Spray particles1-10 μm
Tank volume2 L
Spray velocity35 ml/min
Spray distance> 3m
Disinfection rate> 99.9%