HEPA H13/H14 Filter

Rigorous Testing

Our HEPA H13/H14 filters have went through rigorous testing and passed CE/ROHS/EN1822-1 and some other tests. 

It’s able to filter out small particles with the size of 0.1-0.25um with great efficiency:

HEPA H14, 99.999% HEPA H13, 99.95%

Frame:      Galvanized sheet metal or Extruded anodized Aluminum profile

Separators:  Aluminum foil

Media:      Wet-laid Glass fiber

Sealant:     Polyurethane

Gasket:      EVA/EPDM

Temperature : ≤ 80℃

Recommended final pressure drop : ≤450Pa

Applications: Main filters for commercial & industrial AHU and for clean room MAU system, Ventilation systems with limited installation space