JA-AD10 Disinfection robot

● > 5m diameter of spray coverage

Higher disinfection efficiency: 26m³ in 4-5 minutes

● Micron-sized double atomisers for small particle dry mist disinfection, strong killing effect on coronavirus

● Intelligent switching for continuous plasma disinfection after terminal disinfection

● Precise positioning & clever obstacle avoidance

Dry mist sterilization

The robot is equipped with a novel dry mist sterilization system, thus having a strong sterilization capacity with extremely low corrosion.

Driven by a strong air supply, the dry mist of hydrogen peroxide diffuses and evaporates in the air, eliminating microorganisms and viruses in the environment. The robot offers timed, stationary and multi-lane disinfection and sterilization that can be planned locally or remotely.

50° swing spray from left to right

An even coverage of the area

Spray diameter: > 5m

The spray distance is large. With a solution capacity of 10L, it can disinfect the space of 1500m³ at one time.

Spraying efficiency: 55ml/min. 

Higher disinfection efficiency, 5-10ml solution is needed for each m³ . For example, a room of 26m³ can be disinfected in about 4-5 minutes 

Multi-area map can be set, and different disinfection scenes can be switched without human presence. 

Automatic operation with an emergency stop button

Equipped with plasma module, rapid inhibition of virus multiplication

Intelligent Navigation

Thanks to the laser sensors, AD10 automatically bypasses the obstacle during route planning.

Autonomous path planning

The AD10 automatically explores the environment to create a map and schedules the bug path or shortest path (selected by the user).

Mobile control:

The robot’s movements can be displayed in real time on the tablet and the user can remotely control the robot via the mobile app.

Technical Specifications

Dimension540 * 365 * 770 mm
Navigation modeLaser & visual navigation 
Tank volume10L
Spray velocity≥3300 ml/h
Maximum running speed1 m/s
Network Wi-Fi, 4G/5G
Operating temperature-10℃ ~ + 40℃
Charging modeAutomatic / manuell