Pleat Primary Filter

Media: non-woven fabric /synthetic fiber and fiberglass.

Frame: Aluminum alloy, Strong cardboard.

 ●Large filtering area

 ●Low initial resistance
 ●Large dust holding capacity
 ●Economical and practical
 ●Widely used as a pre-filter to extend the life of higher efficiency filters 
 ●Premium performance and construction

The home, conference room, hospitals, and other large building ventilation and air conditioning system or common industrial plant and clean room air distribution system

These kinds of air filters are very cheap, but they did a good job in purifying the dust air. They have the small resistance and with the large air flow. They often apply to air conditioning system for primary filtration.

100% synthetic non-woven, proprietary media that can be recycled. Engineered with a gradient density composition achieving a MERV 8 using the mechanical method of particle capture. Media does not rely on an electrostatic charge to capture particulate, which will dissipate over time and during use. Me