Pleated air filter

The filter media structure of the pleated air filter is a V-shape pleat, which increases the contact area with air and therefore improves the dust holding capacity.

The air filter weighs light and is easy to install and replace. Therefore, it can be widely used in pre-filter system for clean rooms, HEPA air filters, air compressors, central air-conditioning fresh air handling unit and ventilation systems, and computer rooms dedicated constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit.

● Outer frame material: Aluminum profile/aluminum plate folding frame/galvanized frame/stainless steel frame/paper frame 
 ● Filtration efficiency G3:85% , G4:90% 
 ● Material: Synthetic Fiber ,Non-woven fabric, glass fiber 
 ● Highest working temperature  80 ℃ 
 ● Maximum working humidity 100%