Synthetic Pocket Filter

Pocket filters can be used as the final filter and the pre-filter of high-efficiency filter in air conditioning system. It is mainly used to remove the suspended particulates of 1.0μm ~ 10μm. Its efficiency is based on filtering 1μm. The filter is usually made of fiberglass or non-woven cloth, usually made into bags or similar.

Frame:     Galvanized sheet metal, Extruded anodized Aluminum profile, 20mm

Media:     Synthetic fiber

Temperature :   ≤70℃            

Humidity : ≤100%RH

Recommended Max Final Pressure drop : ≤450Pa


Main filter for commercial & industrial ventilation system

Cleanroom MAU and AHU system

Automotive industry

Hotel and office building


  F5 (EN779):40-50% ASHRSE52/76

           F6 (EN779):60-65% ASHRSE52/76

           F7 (EN779):90% ASHRSE52/76

           F8、F9(EN779):95% ASHRSE52/76