Synthetic Fiber Flat Panel Pre-Filter

By using special low-resistance and high-throughput non-woven fabrics as the filter material, our synthetic fibre flat panel filter has a high dust holding capacity.

This kind of pre-filter can remove particles size about 0.5um with efficiency from 50% to 90%, it can block large dust and collect it. This process is very important in normal HVAC system and clean room air system. As the panel pre filters already filter large dust, the second filters and third filters have no more heavy burden for the large dusts.


 ● Used for catching particles, dust and various suspended objects

 ● Washable , Replaceable filter media

 ● High strength, large air volume, small resistance, high capacity of dust

 ● mainly used to filter the particle size of 5um and above

Filter panel pre filters thickness can be 21mm, 46mm if the frame is aluminum alloy, filter media thickness can be 10mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm; 21mm aluminum alloy with 20mm filter media is the common design, the synthetic filter media is designed with electrostatic absorption ability, this design can help absorb fine dust easily.

Other frame such as corrugated paper, and thickness and length, width available, the corrugated paper frame is waterproof and can be used in moist environment for a long time.

Change the pre panel filters frequently can enlarge pocket filters and HEPA filters service life, the pre panel filters cannot be washable. If wash the filter media, the inside construction may be destroyed. This also can be used as fan coil filters.

Technical specification

Frame:  Rigid high wet-strength beverage board, Galvanized sheet metal or Extruded anodized Aluminum profile, 46mm、25mm、20mm、15mm、10mm

Media:  Non-woven reinforced cotton &synthetic media or Synthetic fiber

Faceguard:  Aluminum mesh or coated mesh

Efficiency: G3 (EN779) Avg. arrestance 80%
                   G4(EN779) Avg.arrestance90-95%,>95@(≥5um)

Temperature:   ≤70℃             

Humidity : ≤100%RH

Recommended Max. Final Pressure drop  :  ≤250Pa

Applications:  pre filter for commercial & industrial ventilation system to protect high-performance filters, Clean room MAU and AHU system, Hotel and office building