UV plasma disinfection robot

UV plasma disinfection robot

● Rapid disinfection, 30㎡ in 12 minutes

● Air, surface and ground disinfection 99.9999%

● UVC-LED all-round disinfection

● Plasma disinfection module, achieving bacteriostasis and multiple protection

● High-intensity amalgam lamp array, maximum lighting intensity4000μW/cm2 at 1m

● Fully Automatic & Intelligent Control

Committed to disinfecting,
Dedicated to your safety

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are an s increasing problem in the healthcare sector. Each year, millions of patients are infected and thousands of people die due to infections acquired during hospitalisation.

Our disinfection robot is used as a regular cleaning regime for hospitals and clinics. It prevents and reduces the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, and other types of harmful micro-organisms by breaking down their DNA-structure.

Whether hospitals, clinics, or laboratories – the JA antiviral disinfection robot ensures clean rooms in the healthcare sector.

Our UV robot disinfects simply just by driving by. Depending on the exposure time, the robot kills 99.9999% of germs and viruses. It can sterilise all areas that are harbouring dangerous microorganisms.

The high intensity UV light is highly effective against most bacteria and viruses.

207W x 10 cps UV-C lamps

High intensity amalgam lamp array with 360° coverage

Maximum lighting intensity of 4000 μW/cm2 at 1m

Lamp protection design

Convenient lamp disassebly

Even though UV light is well known for its germicidal characteristics. Shadows and distance still create challenges for using UV light as a disinfectant in larger areas. 

The solution to this unavoidable challenge is by deploying an autonomous robot that travels through a given area multiple times.

The Robot comes with laser scanners and 3D cameras that recognize obstacles. It can be driven manually from a distance. By using the cameras the operator can navigate via the tablet to improve the disinfection process. 

Smart disinfection

The sensors will send out alerts if someone enters a room during disinfection, and immediately stop its movement. 

The safety system will be triggered if the robot is too close to a wall, person, or other obstacles above 15 cm. If this occurs, the robot will stop automatically before hitting the object.

Smart control

Technical specifications

1. Speed: 5 km/h
2. Charging time: 2.5 h
3. Operating time: 2-2.5 h (disinfection of 9-10 patient rooms) 
4. Disinfection time: 10-15 min. per room
5.Light source:UV-C (254nm)
6.Interfaces:Wireless (WiFi-based)
7. Cover disinfection: 360°
8.Weight:140 kg
9. Safety: Emergency Stop button
10.Dimensions in mm (W x D x H): 695 x 572 x 1795

JA disinfection robot revolutionising disinfection

The device is mobile and reaches hard-to-reach places. It travels the area in the same way without any deviation, thus ensuring a consistent disinfection. The risk of hospital acquired infections is thus reduced to a minimum.

The battery allows a continuous operation of approx. 2 – 2.5 h, which allows the disinfection of 9-10 rooms. Due to the user-friendly design, the robot fits perfectly into the everyday work of hospitals and clinics.