V-Bank Filter


 ● Three classifications of filter efficiency: high, sub-high, and medium 
 ● Automatic production line of mini pleat filter material
 ● Special glass fiber paper as the filter material
 ● The frame can be made of galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel, or Polypropylene
 ● Each filter is through rigorous testing
● International standards sizes

Frame:       Polypropylene or Galvanized sheet metal

Separators:   Hot melt

Media:       Wet-laid Glass fiber

Sealant:      Polyurethane

Temperature:  ≤70℃

Humidity:     ≤100%RH


F6 (EN779):60-65%ASHRAE52/76

                   F7 (EN779):90%ASHRAE52/76

                   F8 (EN779):95%ASHRAE52/76

                   F9 (EN779):98%ASHRAE52/76

                   H10 (EN 1822) ≥85atMPPS

                   H11 (EN 1822) ≥95atMPPS

                   H13 (EN 1822) ≥99.95atMPPS

                   H14 (EN 1822) ≥99.995 atMPPS

Recommended final pressure drop: ≤600Pa

Applications: Clean room recirculation and MUA applications for AMC removal